Auto Body Color Matching Plymouth

Plymouth Auto Body Color Matching

Ever used one of those small bottles of touch-up car paint from a local auto parts shop in an effort to remedy a ding on the door of your vehicle? How did that end up for you? While you may say that the ding probably looked much better than glaring bare metal, it certainly didn’t stand up to more scrutiny. Today’s vehicle finishes provide an unconceivable pallet of intricate hues and ingredients and are all applied in a highly-specialized manner. Color matching today is an equally complex process. Long gone are the days when cars like the Model-T offered just one choice of color – black!

To a great extent color matching, in itself, is an art. You cannot casually walk into any auto parts shop, buy a can of car spray paint, and get a perfect match. Even if you are able to choose the exact same type of paint your vehicle had on when it came off the assembly line, it is still highly likely that you will be a bit off due to clear coats, fading, and other causes.

Paint Matching Artists

Our color matching technicians are artists. Through skill and experience, they carefully match car paint colors until they come up with the perfect shade. The magic then begins. The paint bay at our auto shop is professional-grade and state-of-the-art, which allows us to control factors that could affect the finish like air pressure, airborne particles, and humidity. The result? A perfect match. How perfect you ask? You won’t even be able to tell there was a defect.