If Your Bumper Needs Repair, We Can Help

Driving around Plymouth with part of your bumper hanging off your car isn’t something you want to do. In addition to looking bad, it’s also an issue of safety.

When bumpers were first added to cars, they were nothing more than steel bars that were attached to the car frame via welding. No one cared how they looked, as their purpose wasn’t one of aesthetics but one of functionality. Over the years as the car manufacturing process evolved, attention to appearance became an important part of car bumper design in addition to its role as a safety feature. The purpose of car bumpers, front and back, is to absorb energy that occurs during collisions so that damage to the vehicle can be minimized.

It’s a Safety Issue

Even minor accidents should be followed up with a bumper inspection to make sure they are still functioning properly and are structurally sound. Just because it isn’t noticeably hanging off of your vehicle doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be replaced. Something as simple as a missing bolt or misalignment can prevent your bumper from working properly should you be involved in another collision down the road, which could have catastrophic consequences. Our bumper repair specialists can give your bumper a thorough examination to make sure they are working properly and keeping you safe as you drive.

We also handle small Bumper repair issues such as:

  • Bumper Scuff Repair

  • Bumper Scratch Repair

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