Fender Repair The Right Way

The part of your car that gets most of the punishment from your daily driving is your fenders. If you’ve ever heard the term “fender bender” it usually refers to an incident involving damage to your fenders. Whether your fender damage is caused by something as innocent as a shopping cart in a parking lot, or from damage caused by flying rocks, and even serious accidents involving multiple drivers – no matter the case, your fenders are often the first victim in whatever incident you experience.

Proper Fender Repair and Replacement

The purpose of car fenders is to minimize damage caused by contact with other vehicles and objects, and they are the first line of defense when it comes to events like this. That is why fender damage is so common, and repairing fenders is usually the repair made most often in body shops around the country. Auto and Marine Buddies can evaluate whether or not the damage your automobile has suffered can be repaired or will need to be completely replaced, and they are capable of handling both.

Give us the opportunity to care for your car. We’ll handle the job quickly and professionally, and you’ll be back on the road before you know it. We do such a thorough job, your car may look better than it was before the accident. That’s how we do business. Our goal is to get your car back into tip top shape so that any damage is undetectable and only a distant memory.

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