Hail Damage Repairs in Plymouth, MN

It’s not a nice feeling when you get to your car, only to see extensive hail damage. And while you were trying to tell yourself that you were just seeing dots, in reality, you were seeing dents. And depending on how aggressive the hail storm was, almost every section of the body can be damaged. In fact, when the hail is large enough, it can shatter the windscreen and really turn your investment upside down.

Luckily, it’s not a hopeless situation. Because Auto and Marine Buddies is the best in the business where hail damage repair is concerned in Plymouth, MN. And if you trust us to do the job, you’ll swear the car has never been in a storm before.

In order to get your car back into shape, 3 fundamentals are required. Firstly, you need experience, which is closely followed by patience and the right equipment to get the job done. For the most part, the repair process stays the same regardless of how distinct the dents are. However, in some cases, certain sections might need to be replaced.

But you don’t really have to worry about how we do things, seeing as you’ll get your car back in the best possible condition. Plus, we’ll even help you with the insurance details if you want.

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