Storm Damage Vehicle Repair

Vehicles that we drive are capable of being damaged by storms, like anything else. Flooding, strong winds, and hail are all problems when it comes to your vehicle. In Minnesota there are particularly a lot of weather related issues. Storm damage is also difficult to repair without help. When hail damage, for instance, happens to your vehicle you have to deal with dings all over the vehicle instead of just one spot when you get into an accident.

It’s all about making sure details are paid attention to.

Storm damage is likely to cause problems with just more than a vehicle’s finish. The side view mirrors, your vehicle’s glass and some of the internal systems can get damaged. If you want to get repairs done properly, you need to know what needs attention on and in your vehicle. We are able to do a complete inspection so we don’t miss any details and so that we can get your vehicle back to the way it was before it was damaged by a storm.

We’ll work with your insurance provider, as well. It can be a pain to deal with storm damage but we will make the process go smoothly for you.

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